Hakkımızda Hiprun Serileri

HIPRUN POMPA ve CNC EKIPMANLARI A.Ş has been established with 50% foreign investment. Our aim is to improve our customers' machining efficiency for their cnc machine tools, increase the accuracy and quality of the produced parts by optimal designed high pressure coolant systems and equipments. Meeting the special customer requirements are our priority and your requests are welcome to us.

The Hiprun-team starts in 2016 in Izmir, Turkey with developing, manufacturing and assembling of their globally improved high pressure coolant systems and equipments. Our experiences in manufacturing, sales and service of cnc machine tools contribute us in our business.



Thanks to continous development and improvement of our products we occupy a leading position in global market


Customer requirements and satisfaction through continous improvement of our products.
Increasing Leadership in existing and new markets by new innovations.
New developments support customers advantages and customer satisfaction on highest level.


Constantly evolving technologies in the Machine Tool Sector are closely followed to realize maximum efficiency for our customers.
You can rely to our pumps and equipments as we will be close to you after the sales and installation. We are here for you!
Our target is to realize a big competitive advantage for our customers through Quality, Trust and foresighted development