HP4 - E - Stand Alone Coolant Chiller - 51
  • HP4 - E - Stand Alone Coolant Chiller - 51 - 140x140

HP4 - E - Stand Alone Coolant Chiller

The high quality range of Hiprun Stand Alone Oil Coolant Chiller enable the accurate temperature control of recirculating coolants by removal of heat before delivering back to machining process. As a result of using Hiprun Stand Alone Coolant Chiller, improved and cost effective machining are achieved efficiently


  • 120-160 lt/ cooling in minute
  • Circulation pump (free)
  • Control and adjust screen (dijital)
  • Cooling with gas (quick freezing)
  • Gas freeze sensor
  • Gas pressure sensor
  • Liquid flow sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Automatic controlable electric panel
  • Cooling fan
  • Gas cooling radiator


  • 200lt/minute housing filter


  • Modern ergonomic design
  • Mobile station standard
  • Strach resistant paint


  • 700-600-1000 mm
  • (L x W x H)